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What a treat for INoS and Austin, Texas. October 10th, 2018- legendary guitarist Johnny Marr stopped off at Empire Control Room to knock out a fine tuned 105 minute set. Marr best known for his unique post-punk guitar style in The Smiths. Let’s just say-this was the show not to be missed. Marr did not disappoint. We found ourselves dancing around Empire singing our favorite Smiths tunes-reminiscing the good ole days. The tour is promoting Johnny Marr’s new release, “Call to the Comet.” The tracks Marr rocked from the new release can best be described as an adventurous journey through the legacy of The Smiths. The sound exclusive to the particular style of Marr and his copious guitars. INoS reached high above and thanked the Rock God for this night-it was that perfect.

Photos-INoS Photographer Marc Taub

Shoowap shaabap - An evening with Yo La Tengo at the Mohawk in Austin. INoS had the rare opportunity to spend the entire night with this wonderful band from Hoboken. As is often the case, the best the best things in life come in threes. In this case the three are Ira, James, and Georgia. If you don’t know what we are talking about, run, don’t walk to seek this out. A night of transcendental and beautiful sounds was shared with all in attendance. Each player taking their own part in creating and exploring wonderful grooves. This was the last night of their tour and was a celebration of the band’s long career. We can only hope more of the same is to come.

Photos-INoS Photographer- Marc Taub

On August 31st, 2018, INoS closed out the month and the Summer at Empire. It was a late night rock and disco groove-out. Electropop artists GGOOLLDD stopped by, and we're so grateful they did. Bringing their strikingly entertaining show all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we were left enthralled. Lead singer Margaret Butler truly loves to perform. This was immediately apparent as she spent more time in the crowd dancing with her fans then she did on the stage. Instantly INoS was captivated and awaited her next move. The music is fun and exciting, the band is charming, and Butler makes you feel so warm and woozy inside. INoS says - "You truly need some GGOOLLDD in your life."

Photos-INoS Photographer-Marc Taub

The Summer Slaughter Tour ended their summer soiree in Austin, Texas, on August 19th, 2018 at the Empire Control Room. It was Sunday, the day of rest for most, but for INoS things were just about to get started. A line-up of heavy hitters graced the stage on this day - kicking out a perfectly curated metal opera. It was an onslaught of metal mayhem, and we loved it. The Texas heat was extremely brutal, as was the music. In the end, INoS walked away dazed and confused from the powerful upper-cuts that were delivered. Below are but a few of INoS' special moments from the show.

August 4th, 2018-Indie Network of Sound ended a perfect evening with a late nite rockout at Hotel Vegas with the Leather Girls and Christian Bland & The Revelators. At the stroke of midnight the Leather Girls kicked out a down and dirty set leaving INoS screaming for more-and more is what we got with Christian Bland and The Revelators. It was a dark groovy psych rock session with a righteous rock star-Christian Bland. Only in Austin, Texas can you get your brains rocked out for a $5 cover.

Indie Network of Sound rocked out in true master class fashion on Saturday, August the 4th, at Emos's Austin. An ultimate double bill for the die hard music fan featuring Alkaline Trio and Together PANGEA. TP stormed in from California and laid down some vicious jams that got our blood flowing. A non-stop R n'R kick to the face-PANGEA started the night off just right. Alkaline Trio followed and treated the crowd to a perfectly curated 90 minute set spanning over 20 years of music. From the get go Alkaline owned the crowd, the connection was made. The energy was intense - Fans gallivanted around the floor singing along excitedly and screaming for more. INoS felt the joy in the air and totally embraced it. The message was loud and clear-It's never enough. That's how we do it in Austin. We were left knowing one thing is for sure-These boys have mastered the game - of Rock 'N Roll.

Photos-INoS Photographer-Marc Taub

It was a moment of clarity for Austin and the Indie Network of Sound. On Tuesday July 31st, 2018 at the ACL Moody Theater, we entered the fuzzy dream state of Beach House. A sold out crowd gathered for a Lo-Fi Music Therapy session. It was just what the doctor ordered, a break from the daily rat race. INoS stood at the crossroads-relaxed and carefree-surrounded by lightness and darkness, sorrow and happiness. Reminiscent of the wonderful dream that you never want to awaken from-you know that dream. On this nite, a lesson was learned-slow down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the place you call home. Thank you Beach House.

To our chagrin, INoS recently had the opportunity to take in a set by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. On this hot summers night we were hitting on all cylinders and had the feeling of anything goes. So that's the way we went. The evening began with the southern accents and tasty pop gems of Soccer Mommy and continued into the incredibly heavy grooves of the Jicks. The band veered away from the Pavement sound and into a Neil Young 70's northern California vibe. These were the sounds of America and everyone was left happy. As always, a big thank you to the Mohawk and Margin Walker for the utmost hospitality. Rene' even gave me a quick charge on my phone.  INoS thanks ATX Photographer Stephen Hood for the slick shots.

July 20th, 2018-Indie Network of Sound was hanging out at The Electric Church in Austin, Texas. The Electric Church can best be described as an artistic creative venue that supports the arts and music community of Austin. On this night INoS were treated to an intimate "house party" like show with the Rosegarden Funeral Party and Starbenders. The Texas heat was in full affect, but this didn't slow either band down. Rosegarden Funeral Party fronted by Leah Lane have something very special going on - a deep dark 80's Gothic sound reminiscent of the Sisters of Mercy and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Starbenders also have a nostalgic sound of the 1980's- imagine the Sex Pistols meets Blondie served up with a GlamRock edge of way cool jams. Both bands kicked out arena style sets that left INoS wanting more. 

Below photos by Austin Photographer Stephen Hood.

Below photos by INoS Photographer Marc Taub

It was Friday the 13th in Austin, Texas, and Indie Network of Sound was stoked to spend the evening with Echo and the Bunnymen at the beautiful ACL Live. It was truly a treat. It's not every day you get to see Echo and the Bunnymen in Texas. So this show was not to be taken lightly. An overall, vibrant, powerhouse set that included all of our Bunnymen favorites. A moment INoS will never forget was Killing Moon. It was beautiful, the band, the crowd, together singing touched the darkest part of of us all in a celebratory way. It was a packed house and in the end we all wanted the same thing-as much Echo as we could get. INoS thanks #ATX photographer Alicia Armijo for the stunning photographs.

Indie Network of Sound piled into the Barracuda Austin July 5th, 2018 for the electric sound of Snail Mail. A "sold out" crowd must've known something. Well INoS learned quickly-Snail Mail is a rising force emerging in the Indie scene. Packed with charm, talent, and the ability to enthrall a crowd. Snail Mail did what they do and rocked the house with some robust, sleepy songs. INoS felt the music taking control. Front woman-Lindsey Jordan belted out heartfelt lyrics as fans physically embraced one another. INoS says one thing-Snail Mail, unlike their name "quickly" set the tone and hypnotically delivered a beautiful message.

Levitation 2018

April 26th-April 29th,2018-A wave of supreme psych music took over Austin, Texas. Levitation 2018-over 70 bands featured at eight select venues. Die hard music fans descended upon the ATX for four days of music righteousness. Indie Network of Sound was knee deep in the goodtimes-below are some of INoS's favorite moments.