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Rock veterans from a few of INoS’s favorite bands gathered on stage at Emo’s Austin on November 30th, 2018, under the moniker Doomside Of The Moon. Members of The Sword, Black Joe Lewis, and Brownout performed Pink Floyd’s classic album Darkside of The Moon in its entirety. As of now it appears that the tour will only visit four cities, so Austin should appreciate having experienced this wonderful opportunity. Lead Guitarist Kyle Shutt (The Sword) truly highlighted some of our favorite riffs and solos. From beginning to end the nostalgic performance was invigorating. The trippy light show supported the music that melted our soul. Enhanced by 3-D glasses, INoS kicked back and grooved out to one of our favorite rock albums. We must also give credit to the encore - 30 minutes of choice cut Pink Floyd jams including tracks from Wish You Were Here and Animals. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the bright shining set from openers Bridge Farmers. This was the highlight of the weekend for INoS.

Photos-INoS photographer Marc Taub

It was a gathering of musicians, dancers, aerialists, and even a stilt walker. This slick event appropriately called Synth Du Soleil 3 was hosted this year by Empire Control Room and Fussy Presents. Best described as a circus dance party featuring some of our favorite synth pop bands. INoS favorites of the night were Cellars, Fuss Ricket, Mr. Kitty, and Obsolete Machines. What a stimulating night of 80s and 90s style music. The lights, music, and performers set the tone for a boogie down good time.

PHOTOS-INoS Photographer Marc Taub

Saturnalia Fest returned to Austin bringing us the music of the world, earth, and space. INoS was fortunate enough to catch some of the festival. So what is this thing called Saturnalia Fest you might ask. It was great bands like Holy Wave, Sun Machine, Golden Dawn Arkestra, and the band we were most excited to take in, Lumerians. All playing in a dusty East Austin field/Church parking lot. What a way to spend a chilly Sunday evening. In this field we experienced the landing of the Lumerian’s Mother Ship. From there we were transported to another space and time. For that we thank you Saturnalia.

Photographs-INoS/ATX Photographer Joseph Greene

INoS was stoked for a Saturday night rockout. On November 17th, 2018-Surfbort, Iceage, and Black Lips were in Austin at Mohawk. The energy from all three bands was phenomenal, creating one powerhouse of a show. Kicking it into high gear, NYC punk rockers Surfbort delivered an infectious, gritty punk rock set. Lead vocalist Dani Miller grabbed rock fans by the throat and refused to let go. One helluva way to start things off. Next up Danish rockers Iceage. The childhood friends delivered a tight punk sound with unique vocals delivered by their mysterious lead singer Elias Bender Ronnenfelt. INoS loved every minute of it-a triumphant spectacle. If you’re not familiar with Iceage, INoS says, “you’re missing out.” Closing things out on this wonderful evening were the garage rock veterans from Atlanta - The Black Lips. These cats have been around delivering top notch shows for nearly 20 years. It’s so much more than a concert, it’s a sub-cultural rock ‘n’ roll house party. The Black Lips immediately dove into their vast library of jams summoning the crowd to immerse themselves deep into the sound. The diehard fans sang along to their favorite Lips tunes. It was like hanging out with your best friends while they jammed out. Black Lips never disappoint and when you bring Iceage and Surfbort along with you-you’ve created a perfectly curated night of music.

PHOTOS-INoS/Austin Photographer Joseph Greene

November 6th, 2018-Wolfmother descended down upon Austin, bringing their Neo-Psychedelic sound to Emo’s. The Sydney trio kicked out a 90 minute set of pure StonerRock. Packed with all of INoS’ favourite jams including highlight - Joker and the Thief. The authenticity of Wolfmother was immediately validated. A vintage sound that INoS loves and compares to classic rockers Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. In the end, Wolfmother’s retro sound stands above the mundane music being pushed out on a daily basis-for that we thank you.

Photos-INoS Photographer Marc Taub

INoS closed out Rocktober with a slick free show in Austin, Texas, featuring Bully and Benjamin Booker. We need to start off by thanking the Pabst Sound Society and Mohawk for bringing this excellent event to the ATX. Starting things off with a grungy set was Nashville’s Bully. Yet INoS was eager, primed, and ready for the groovy sounds of Benjamin Booker. Benny Bookmarks can best be described as T-Rex meets Otis Redding with the slick guitar work of Jimi Hendrix. In the end it was a beautiful sound that should not be taken for granted.

Saturday, Rocktober 27th, 2018. INoS got down with the rock ‘n roll four piece from Cleveland, Ohio, known as Cloud Nothings. Let us take you back to SXSW 2016, INoS was introduced to Cloud Nothings and we took a direct shot straight on the chin - jolted by an intense and sonic wild set. Round 2 on Saturday night was exactly what we needed. A quick 60 minute set filled with guitar feedback, pounding drums, and good times at our favorite rock spot-Barracuda Austin.

October 22nd, 2018, INoS was fortunate enough to be part of a trifecta rock ‘n roll gathering featuring The Side Eyes, Dilly Dally, and Fidlar. Each on their own, worth the price of admission. The Side Eyes started things off with an intense in your face punk rock set. It was so fresh to see the ferociousness that each member bestowed-it was invigorating. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for The Side Eyes. Next - Dilly Dally emerged and instantly warped INoS back in time and space. We absolutely loved their performance of excellence in post-Rock n’ roll. Their fuzzy and smoky sound reminiscent of a mix of the Stooges and the classic album Gish by The Smashing Pumpkins. Lead singer, Katie Monks unique raspy vocals were the perfect touch to the beautiful soundtrack that DD created. Killer guitar licks and #girlpower abound. Closing things up was Fidlar. We got to hang with the cool kids. Maybe things weren’t as crazy as their reputation led us to believe, but the crowd was ready. Once the music started there was no looking back. Crowd surfing, beers flying, and a bunch of smiling faces. That’s what it’s all about, creating exceptional music memories.

What a treat for INoS and Austin, Texas. On October 10th, 2018, legendary guitarist Johnny Marr stopped off at the Empire Control Room to knock out a fine tuned 105 minute set. Marr, best known for his unique post-punk guitar style with The Smiths, The The, and Modest Mouse. Let’s just say-this was the show not to be missed. Marr did not disappoint. We found ourselves dancing around Empire singing our favorite Smiths tunes-reminiscing about the good ‘ol days. The tour is promoting Marr’s newest release, “Call to the Comet.” The tracks Marr rocked from the new release can best be described as an adventurous journey through the legacy of The Smiths. The sound exclusive to the particular style of Marr and his copious guitars. INoS reached high above and thanked the Rock Gods for this night-it was that perfect.

Photos-INoS Photographer Marc Taub

Shoowap shaabap - An evening with Yo La Tengo at the Mohawk in Austin. INoS had the rare opportunity to spend the entire night with this wonderful band from Hoboken. As is often the case, the best the best things in life come in threes. In this case the three are Ira, James, and Georgia. If you don’t know what we are talking about, run, don’t walk to seek this out. A night of transcendental and beautiful sounds was shared with all in attendance. Each player taking their own part in creating and exploring wonderful grooves. This was the last night of their tour and was a celebration of the band’s long career. We can only hope more of the same is to come.

Photos-INoS Photographer Marc Taub

On August 31st, 2018, INoS closed out the month and the Summer at Empire. It was a late night rock and disco groove-out. Electropop artists GGOOLLDD stopped by, and we're so grateful they did. Bringing their strikingly entertaining show all the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we were left enthralled. Lead singer Margaret Butler truly loves to perform. This was immediately apparent as she spent more time in the crowd dancing with her fans then she did on the stage. Instantly INoS was captivated and awaited her next move. The music is fun and exciting, the band is charming, and Butler makes you feel so warm and woozy inside. INoS says - "You truly need some GGOOLLDD in your life."

Photos-INoS Photographer Marc Taub