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June 21st, 2019, INoS grooved out at Barracuda Austin to a fun post-punk set delivered by DC quartet Priests. This was not our first rodeo, we previously enjoyed two killer sets during SXSW 2019 and patiently awaited their return. On this night Austin was fortunate to get a taste of their newly released album-The Seduction of Kansas. The music was top notch, the energy invigorating, and INoS dug how the members switched up their roles playing different instruments throughout, this should not be taken lightly. Priests are fun, talented, and a rising force in the indie music scene.

Photos-ATX/INoS Photographer Stephen Hood

June 7th, 2019, Night Drive returned home to synth out Austin at INoS favorite Barracuda. Music fans climbed aboard for a cinematic space oddity music tour landing in 1986. The electronic groove was reminiscent of New Order, Bryan Ferry, and OMD. This made for one great night of music. Music can heal and Night Drive has the remedy y’all need.

June 6th, 2019, dream pop rockers No Vacation stopped off in Austin at Barracuda to deliver a spellbinding set. Loyal fans packed the house to support and enjoy their signature sound- whispering vocals, crisp and clean guitar sounds, and the groovy bass line creating the sound we love so much. INoS has followed No Vacation from their beginning in San Francisco to their newly relocated town of New York. We love what they do. INoS Says-No Vacation.

Photos-ATX/INoS Photographer Stephen Hood

June 1st, 2019, round three with Toronto fuzz rockers Dilly Dally at Barracuda. It was everything we hoped for and so much more. A 60 minute grungy and gnarly powerhouse performance packed with Katie’s gritty vocals about sex, marijuana, and life’s daily grind. The deep and dark guitar riffs laid down by best friend Liz added to the skull crushing experience. The beautiful sound reminiscent of “Gish,” the opus created by The Smashing Pumpkins in 1991 left us delighted and ready to take on the world. INoS couldn’t think of a better way to spend our Saturday night.

What a perfect way to end the month of May for Austin and INoS - Two nights with the mighty Judas Priest. On May 28th & May 29th at our favorite venue, ACL Live, the Priest reigned supreme. This was a gathering of loyal metal fans saluting the legendary band that is Judas Priest. With a library stemming back 44 years, it was two nights of nostalgia, rock n’ roll, and straight up classic metal. Their 18 song set featured INoS favorites - Victim of Changes, Tyrant, Judas Rising, and so many more. Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the eclectic costume choices of rock god Halford. To sum it all up let us quote the great Rob Halford, “Judas F’in Priest.” We’d be remiss not to mention the killer opening performance from legendary classic rockers Uriah Heep.

Photos-INoS Photographer-Marc Taub

On Sunday May 26th, 2019, INoS stopped off at Barracuda Austin to partake in a 2019 Hot Luck Festival set featuring Harlem and Flesh Lights. Flesh Lights brought a deep groove reminiscent of Uncle Tupelo to their very enjoyable set. As the night went on, INoS swerved and danced to the groovy, garagey jams of Harlem, many from their new release, Oh Boy, and some tasty morsels from INoS favorite-Free Drugs.

It had been 15 years or so since INoS last hung out with Eels. On May 6th, 2019, Mark Oliver Everett AKA #E stopped off in Austin. The planned 120 minute set at Emo’s, turned into a messed up night full of technical difficulties. About 40 minutes in, it all began, a #SysyemFailure, is how it can best be described. E’s microphone and amplifier kept shorting out, and it felt like a gut shot. The Eels kept their composure and continued to entertain, laughed, and made light of an awful situation - Joking about how they’re not quitters, they are Prizefighters. INoS loved just hanging out with E and the boyz and taking in some Novocaine for the Soul. We still had a great time and salute Eels for making best of an unfortunate situation. INoS says-please come back to Austin. “Cuz life ain’t easy for a Dog Faced Boy.”

Photos-INoS Photographer-Marc Taub

It was all about #GirlPower on April 30, 2019, at Barracuda Austin. Ex Hex and Feels stopped off in and did not disappoint. We had been greatly looking forward to the return of both of these bands, so to get them on a double bill was a double bonus. Feels from Los Angeles were Dissonant, Resonant, and Super Sexy. We noticed an evolution from their punk rock inception. They were now all groove with punk rock edges. All soul. Heavy Soul. Seeing the next chapter and hearing the songs from their latest record, Post Earth, left us only wanting more. Ex Hex was up next. They brought the fun and cranked it up to 11. They paid homage to some of our INoS favorites - such as The Runaways, The Go-Go’s, The Who, and Cheap Trick. These were the jams that make you say Yaaaaaaaa! That’s what we’re talking about at INoS. Thank you Austin Photographer Breezy Ritter for the beautiful pictures.

April 24th, 2019, Church was in session in Austin at Come and Take it Live. Classic Metal Rockers Metal Church delivered a god-fearing, beyond the black performance. INoS was front and center as MC kicked out a 90-minute set that sent shivers down our spines. We thank you for delivering our favorite metal anthems. Badlands and Watch the Children Pray never sounded better. Metal Church are definitely keeping things real.

Photos-INoS Photographer-Marc Taub

March 25th, 2019 INoS was flying high again after a stellar performance by Jason Spaceman and Spiritualized. Once again Mr. Spaceman and his cast of characters graced the stage and thus graced us with his soulful presence. One never knows when will be the last time, so we keep going. He’s had both health issues and threatened retirement. So every chance we get we take advantage of it. The show included a wonderful mix of our older and newer favorites. We questioned and sought redemption. We came together, we had lights shone upon us, and our souls were set on fire. It was an evening chock full of rhythm and blues and soul. At the tops of our lungs we sang about a reason to believe and how life is really what you make of it. When all was said and done we left the show having experienced the most beautiful form of music and wanting more. Thank you C3 Presents and Emo’s Austin for making this evening possible.

Photos-INoS Photographer-Marc Taub