Connection, Network, Sound.

Indie Network of Sound (INoS) is a resource for promoting bands, concerts, venues, related local businesses, and festivals. We provide a network and community for Independent and Underground musicians, small businesses, and creatives to connect. We are a space to discover and promote art, music, and the businesses that nurture Independence.

INoS is focused solely on the connections made, the music, magic, friendships, relationships, and memories created when like-minded people come together for a common cause.

Our catchphrase is All Indie.All Underground.All the time. And we mean it. Our lives are dedicated to the marketing and promotion of Independent Music, Businesses, and Artists. For INoS, supporting independence is a way of life. It is our life.

Through social media, marketing, and promotion, INoS conveys that the magic and ultimately much of our shared interest is conceptualized in the performance, at the festival, and the venue, and most importantly by the artist who is creating for our joy and entertainment.

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