Please Don't Stop the Show, I'll Be Perfect From Now On


This was to be a night of firsts. Many of which we had no idea we would be experiencing. It was the first time in memory that a band was forced to reschedule due to a scheduling conflict (in this case twice - a show scheduled last December was also abruptly cancelled), it was the first time in many years Built To Spill would be playing as a trio, it was the first time INoS had gone to a show that was all but washed out, and it was the first time we attended a concert at Stubb's that went past curfew. 

If ever a show was cursed, it was this one. Built To Spill had this show on the books in Austin for months, and The Indie Network of Sound was on board. Then suddenly about 10 days prior it was somehow oddly realized that the band was double booked on the same night in two different cities. Shuffling occurred and the Austin show was pushed forward one week. As it turned out the new night in question was the last night of a months long rain. And it appeared we were intended to bear the brunt of the rains. Though in an oddly messed up way the night turned magical, as Built to Spill shows often do.

INoS has seen Doug Martsch and his roving band of merry pranksters on countless occasions - but this was the first time in quite a while without his longtime sidemen Jim Roth and Brett Netson. We arrived with plenty of time to get settled in for the show, and as we did, the rains began. They began and didn't really let up all night. At Stubb's, rains do not stop shows, but lightning will. Thus the show was delayed for well over three hours and the natives were getting restless. At 11:15 the crowd was let back outside to an eerily misty and nearly empty Stubb's. By that point most had ended up leaving, but those who stayed were treated to an abbreviated set of BTS mainstays with a few new tracks sprinkled in. Through the fog the beautiful melodies shined as INoS danced among the small crowd and across the muddy field. Prancing in the rain will remain our finest memory of a night that nearly wasn't in so many ways.