ARCH ENEMY - Metal Symphony of Destruction


Indie Network of Sound cherishes the first date with a band. It’s that moment of introduction, the biotic connection created the first time you experience a band live. You’ll know it when it happens. It’s a heavy moment and we thrive on that sensation at #INoS.

The venue darkened, and the shadows of power reared their beautiful head. Large figures with Flying V guitars dominated the stage. Hell Yeah, INoS  knew that this was for going to be for real. Power chords flooded the venue, devil horns displayed-wall to wall. Lead singer Alissa White-Gluz emerged with a deep bellowing howl and leaped into the air landing perfectly in a striking stance. Let the metal begin. The hair was standing up on the back of our necks from the adrenaline drop we got from the perfectly orchestrated entrance.

Arch Enemy blistered through a commanding 75-minute set leaving all in attendance drenched. During the powerhouse performance INoS observed a few things; In a scene dominated by men with Type A personalities, Gluz held her own and answered back with a vengeance. Women are more and more a dominating presence in the metal scene. Kickin’ out the howls that hurt even our throats. Gluz owned the stage with engaging dominance, “kicking the microphone stand in the air, spinning like she just didn’t care.” Fists were flying, feet were kicking, and there was some good ol’ shit talking with the crowd. Gluz questioned the crowd, and warned us not to lie - “I can see your faces.” 

arch enemy 6.jpg

This is what live music is all about. The connection between artists and their fans. It was all happening. It must be said that Gluz is fortunate to have the backing of some of the best shredders in metal - including that of Jeff Loomis. Ripping out riffs with a unique, metal melodic sound. A flawless platform handed to Gluz on a silver platter, she added her finishing touch-impeccable vocals and an alluring stage presence. Stomping back to front, spitting out lessons of deceit. You best listen.


An #INoS shout out goes to the shredders that knocked out a good ol’ vintage 1980’s heavy metal solo halfway through the set-you know what I’m taking about. Their opus-so beautiful and classy, telling a story of pain and struggle. A struggle that was well worth it all. #INoS flipped their Bic and waved it through the air-we understood. Gluz came forth and the mayhem began once again. We appreciated the intermission, a much-needed moment to gather our thoughts.


One thing is for sure-Arch Enemy are class act-metal virtuosos mastering their art. Gluz fronting a metal opera she truly feels. It was obvious in the performance. Gluz’s power and energy came from the soul. On this night Arch Enemy owned their fans. Pulled them into the belly of the beast, helpless, yet jovial. Frightening stories were told of revenge and betrayal. Descriptive moments of pain and retribution. “I don’t believe in heaven - I don’t believe in hell.” A little voice whispered into our ear that “everything will be ok.” #INoS believes in one thing and it went down right in front of our eyes. The magic of the first date. The feeling that will never be duplicated. INoS is happy we took a road trip for this one and thank the metal gods that we did. Arch Enemy brought INoS and San Antonio one of the best metal shows of the year. A metal symphony of destruction, and for this we thank you.