MAY 14, 2016 @9:30 CLUB

A few weeks back, INoS hit the road and had the good fortune of finding ourselves in the nation’s Capital at the legendary rock venue; the 9:30 Club. For three decades we have heard the stories of the iconic acts that have graced the 9:30 stage. Finally, Indie Network of Sound had made it. We were in the house for The Kills and L.A. Witch. Hitting on all cylinders, we were fortunate enough to cross paths with two members of L.A. Witch before the show; the bass player Irita, and Ellie on the sticks. We chatted for a few minutes. Both ladies were down to earth and extremely intriguing which made our excitement only grow. We requested a photograph with the L.A. Witch ladies on the streets of D.C. And yes, as always, INoS made it a point to be situated right in between Irita and Ellie, would you expect anything different?

We entered the 9:30 and immediately noticed how cozy the club was. The set up was a simple one, a stage, a main floor, and a balcony. There was not a bad seat in the house. The place darkened and the three ladies hit the stage to perform in front of a packed house. It should be known that the Power Trio is an INoS favorite. The first thing we noticed was Ellie’s modest drum set-up. Very simple, but, there was nothing modest or simple about her skills. She pounded those drums. “She’s beating the hell out of those drums,” I said to a fan immediately to my left.  He replied, “that’s my niece on the drums.”  We high fived and I tell Ellie’s Uncle, “She is killing it.” Tell me, how cool is that?

INoS can best describe L.A. Witch’s style as, 60’s style Psychedelic Rock with a touch of haze. But there was something unique about this band. A story was being told. A spooky tale of psychedelia narrated by three amazing musicians. I couldn’t help thinking that they are true to their name, “L.A. Witch.” Lead Singer Sade, with her long hair and eerie vocals was the finishing touch to this unique trio. Amazing vocals and some sick guitar skills. She can shred! Irita on the bass had flowing dark hair hovering over her face with a confident stance. Never once looking at her bass, just playing, cause that’s what she does. Finally Ellie was small in stature, but a powerhouse on the drums. L.A. Witch is the real deal. A true powerful trio. I must say for thirty minutes Indie Network of Sound was hypnotized, under a spell casted by L.A Witch and the power of true rock n roll.