So Sorry Charlie-Ween


When #INoS thinks of Ween, we think of great times and great songs. Every show is different and is certain to be shared with friends from all over the US and A. Like when we saw them play at Liberty Lunch and we heard our favorites Dr. Rock, Captain Fantasy, and You Fucked Up You Bitch. But we also remember seeing them for the first time at a tiny bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, called the Blind Pig, and listening to them play their songs from The Pod. At that time it was just Aaron and Mickey and a drum machine. Yeah!

But we also recall all of the great Stubb's shows that we've seen over the years. There was the year of the great shows with Queens of the Stoneage opening, when Live at Stubbs was recorded. Yet its been our past three shows that may have been the best ever, albeit separated by seven years. For instance in 2010 we were blown away to hear Touch My Tooter, and Lets Dance, yet got lost in Woman and Man. At that time we realized that these guys were sounding better than ever. The guitar shreds were unprecedented, the musicianship and setlist curation - on another level. These guys had accomplished something, and created a following that few are able to ever achieve. 


But then there was the long break. There were rumours of discontent, and later a possible reunion. A few shows here and there worked well, and then suddenly the guys were back. All of them. Claude Coleman, Jr., Dave Dreiwitz, and Glenn. Gener was even happy. As I was told on night one, right before the show, if Gener is happy - then the shows would be good. He was happy to be back in Austin. The shows were very good.

Man did they deliver. The best I can describe in Ween parlance is that these shows were very Brown. I dub these shows as the "Sketches of Winkle," and realized that on night one that it is good to be Johnny on the Spot. These guys were able to pick up where they had left off and delivered to Austin two nights of both deep cuts and favorites. Frank, and Squelch the Little Weasel, alone were worth the price of admission. It was also memorable that we enjoyed these shows, and made friends with Ween fans - who were from Montana to Maine. 

Having experienced night one, there was no question that we would not miss night two. So we strapped on our Jammy Pacs and got ready to dive back in. Night two got even weirder in that they played their legend "The Stallion" in its entirety. Not just 1, 2, 3,4 or 5, but all of them in consecutive order. It was grand, and it is said that this may be the first time they ever did this?

We heard many songs we hoped we would hear again one day, and many we hoped we would hear again. Rarities from our favorite records The Pod, Quebec, Shinola, and The Homo Rainbow. Man could it get any better? We thought not, but then they played the vaunted PoopShip LolliPop. Boom! The two-night stand ended with Gener saying "we'll see you in the Spring."

Mang, we cannot wait.