Social Media Campaigns – Indie Network of Sound (INoS) designs and develops Social Media and Marketing Campaigns tailored to your specific needs and budget. We are not a one size and price fits all agency. We understand that all of our clients, whether they are a small local business, an upstart band, a venue, or a music festival, have their own specific desires and promotional needs. We have the ability to take on and manage your campaign, can promote you through both your and our INoS Social Media tools, and promote and market you on the INoS website. Regardless - we work with you to make sure you are meeting your goals, getting the targeted attention, exposure, and results that you desire.

Marketing – In addition to Social Media Campaigns, INoS keenly understands the marketing goals of up and coming bands, venues, and local businesses. Having been fans of music and the small businesses that nurture and create culture for a combined – well let’s just say we are lifers, have lived the lifestyle successfully for a lot of years, and know it well – INoS is able to key on the targeted aspects of marketing and promotion that capture the essence of and often get missed by those focused on running their business, creating the art, and nurturing their product. By doing this INoS works with our client partners to promote themselves and their product, and strive with them to reach their goals and reach their target audience. Your desire and goal for exposure becomes our mission.

Promotion – INoS is in business to promote and publicize the bands we believe in, venues that we feel at home in, festivals that we love, businesses that have a purpose and meaning, concerts that shouldn’t be missed, and the shows that you may have missed. This is where we tell you how much we care about pushing and partnering with you to achieve your goals and dreams. Our combined years of public and customer service, and client management, have helped us be able to understand the need for personalized partnership and care. We put our blood, sweat and tears into promoting our client partner’s music, shows, festivals, and brand. INoS helps like-minded individuals with common interests find each other to further our community.

Public Relations and Publicity – INoS can work with you to hone and deliver your message and create your brand. No matter what your message and targeted audience is, we partner with you to develop and deliver your product, whatever it may be.

Our ToolSet – INoS Social Media Blasts and Website Promotion, Blog Entries, Web Features, and Brand Creation. We have the desire and ability to develop both your web and social media presence. INoS develops relationships because we understand there would not be the magic to share without those that create art. INoS has representatives in various cities that can provide ground game and artist support.