3/12/2018-3/17/2018 was SXSW in Austin - SXSW is the largest non-centralized music festival in the US. There is no better scene than that found each March here in Austin. Bands and artists playing in the streets, bars, rooftops-anywhere and everywhere that can accommodate rock - does. INoS hit the streets once again to take it all in. Enjoy some of our favorite moments from the festival. We are already looking forward to next year. You should be too.


Indie Network of Sound (INoS) covered an extraordinary 27.8 miles on foot and took in over 80 acts during the 2017 SXSW Music Festival. We went hard day and night for 5 straight daze. Though it was extremely difficult for us to narrow down so many amazing performances to create the INoS Top 10, in the end, the following bands/artist left a lasting impression and earned the right to stand tall as our top acts of SXSW 2017.


10) Beach Slang from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fresh punk rock sound. INoS caught 2 heavy performances during SXSW. James Alex, lead singer is amped up with a 90’s punk rock sound. Swinging and banging away on his guitar is a spectacle alone to watch. A crisp and clean sound with undeniable similarities to The Replacements and Ryan Adams. Yes, that’s a compliment.

9) Potty Mouth from Northampton, Massachusetts

INoS are huge fans. We have caught the band live a few times and have enjoyed each performance. In the day and age of electronic, machine created music. We at INoS dig it when a band kicks out a punk rock sound, old school style. That’s Potty Mouth-Gritty and grungy. Paying homage to an INoS favorite Nirvana.

8) The Sloths from Los Angeles, California

True veterans of the early garage rock scene in LA. The band originally formed in 1964, but called it quits in 1966. In the past few years they reformed and brought the band “Back from the Grave” to start kicking some ass once again. Well that’s what happened. INoS had their asses kicked. Power rock, stage charisma, and a display of how rock n roll should be done. The Sloths are back.

7) Dream Wife from Brighton, London

INoS caught Dream Wife at the British Music Embassy's BBC Music 1 showcase. We always look forward to the British Music showcase. The power trio named after a classic 1953 Cary Grant film brought a fresh spin to pop/rock. Paying homage to the 80’s New Wave sound. Roaring vocals backed up my slick guitar riffs left INoS screaming “Yaaaaa!” It was an instant attraction. We at Indie Network of Sound truly understood how fortunate we were to be seeing Dream Wife in Austin, Texas.

6) Cherry Glazerr from Los Angeles, California

We took in two powerful sets from Cherry Glazerr. One late night display of power and one mid-day rock out. Both left us woozie. It was amazing how the clean pop jams via record were converted into a heavy onslaught of rock power. Once again Cherry Glazerr dazzled SXSW fans.

5) Mastodon from Atlanta, Georgia

These Metal Veterans have been killing it since 2000. It was a heavy treat to catch Mastodon during SXSW. The walls were shaking. This was a one and only performance at Empire Control Room.

4) Show Me The Body from New York City

NYC punk trio, Show Me The Body is all about control and power. They control the audience through their powerful wild sound. Things we never expected to do, we did, during their SXSW set.

3) Creepoid from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Creepoid can always be counted on for a heavy and fun, energetic set of grunge-gaze psychedelia.

2) Let’s Eat Grandma from Norwich, England

The 17-year-old duo dazzled audiences during SXSW. A dark and beautiful haunting sound that left us mesmerized.

1) Death Valley Girls from Los Angeles, California

INoS caught three amazing performances and was still left wanting more. DVG’s emotional, garage rock/psych sound cuts deep into your soul. You can never get enough of the Death Valley Girls.


Indie Network of Sound (INoS) was stoked when Cherry Glazerr announced their SXSW appearance, and we made it a point to catch two killer performances by the band. They delivered with excellent guitars that were much heavier then we remembered from our past times seeing them. The shows were amped, aggressive, and even at times downright frightening. It can be said that Cherry Glazerr kicked Austin's ass. Cause they did. Straight up raw power that left our ears ringing. We look forward to the future of Cherry Glazerr. Definitely one of the top acts of the festival. INoS made sure to capture a few special moments - enjoy!


As veterans of SXSW, Indie Network of Sound (INoS) understands the importance of kicking off SXSW properly. This was a "No Brainer." A day party at the Historic Scoot Inn serving up Lagunitas and Independence Brewing. Oh yes, and a soundtrack provided by the Thee Oh Sees. We must add that it was a perfect day in Austin, without a cloud in the sky and a righteous temperature of 78 degrees. This festive day Soiree was being called - "BUGOUT" and that is what we did.

Feeling perfect and ready to get our rock off. Thee Oh Sees delivered a 45 minute set of high energy jams. The Front Man, John Dwyer, with his guitar slung high upon his chest was in full effect. Owning the stage, end 2 end. Eating his microphone, because he could and his grimacing facial expressions were about as frightening as it could get. The true highlight of Thee Oh Sees, was the double drummer set up. Two powerful heroes killing it together, always an INoS favorite. Because, two drummers is always better than one. This is what rock 'n roll is all about. Nothing pretty, just a shot of pure adrenaline delivered straight to the heart. Never a dull moment hanging with Thee Oh Sees. The Punk Garage rockers reigning from San Francisco truly delivered. We couldn't have asked for a better 2017 kickoff. Two hours into the festival and INoS was already knee deep in the mosh pit. We already knew this was going to be a wonderful week. 


CREEPOID-Hotel Vegas - SXSW 2017

Indie Network of Sound are huge fans of Philly psych rockers Creepoid. High energy jams with character that smash you in your face. Who wouldn't like that? On this day a few songs into the set, INoS realized this was for real, it had really kicked in, #SXSW2017 had begun. There was no turning back after Creepoid set the tone. If you get the chance to hang out with Creepoid, do it. They will rock your socks of. 

LET'S EAT GRANDMA - BBC British Music Embassy - SXSW 2017

British Music duo, Let's Eat Grandma shined during the British Music Showcase at SXSW. Amazing it was. A definite SXSW 2017 highlight for Indie Network Of Sound. The word spreading through the streets of Austin, Texas, was - Let's Eat Grandma. The hype was for real. The music was dark and gloomy with dreamy vocals, what INoS will call psychedelic pop. Friends, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, wise beyond their 17 years worked the audience with their trance-like stage performance. The SXSW crowd stood in awe as the duo stole the night from all in attendance. #SXSW has come and gone and the word on the street is still - #LetsEaTGrandma. 


Indie Network of Sound was lucky enough to catch three Death Valley Girls performances during SXSW2017. We truly couldn't get enough. Each performance, stunningly beautiful, and amazing in itself, topped the prior. #INoS made sure to be front and center for each experience. That's truly what it was, an experience. Indie Network of Sound is happy to have captured these amazing and loving moments, Enjoy.